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Tuesday 4 July 2017

The most peaceful momemt

Everyone have their own greatest moment in their life which isnt something that occur every single time and probably just one time. It is the moment where they get an unconventional situation that make life has something to appreciate. And that one of the greatest things are the most peaceful one.

Perhaps, sleeping is the one of peaceful moment that everyone think of. Its a close friend of the death which disturbingly some say that moment  when you stop breathing, it will lead into peacefulness that separate from conscious state of living where no one has the answer where the soul go if they dont believe something dogmatic from religion.

I had one that peaceful moment that I still remember how my consciousness left my physical body and "blending" into universe  or being that universe or maybe I am the universe where this sensation occured in the dawn of my youth day on religious boarding school when we were as students " being forced" to pray around 03.00 am that most of the students didnt like. Its not obligatory pray but everyone knew that if someone didnt attend the ceremony, punishment would be applied. So, everyone played like or not.

Its just short session where you pray together in the public mosque with another students for 15 minutes and after that finished, we can go back to our dormitory or simply stay on the mosque to continue praying if they were religious or continue sleeping to wait "subuh" time arrive around 05.00 am.

And then before that moment happened, I stayed on the mosque start to re-sleeping on the praying mat on the other side the mosque. The reciting of Quran plays, I had no idea whether thats simple audio recording that used to play every single time or person who recited directly, the absolute thing I felt that moment that reciting started my self to "afloat" and going into the deep sleep but keeping my conscious soul intact to feel existed... and then.. the most peaceful moment that happened on my life started.

I can describe it literally, but the sensation will probably hard to explain. Its the state where i didnt exist in the world and my self roaming around on the space or probably universe slowly. Its like you arent yourself, you are the universe that merged with consciousness with nothing to think about and drifting into different state wandering but in fact you are the destination or the journey in same side. And my friend, thats the thing that I want to become.

...... and then a loud yelling woke me up because Subuh arrived leaving me with euphoria that made me think the reason why we must exist. Sorry, for something quasi-philosophical bs.