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Friday 7 July 2017

Podcast Episode 01 : Ofcourse its about Podcasting

Its midnight before my birthday, I read my last previous post that I wrote a year ago about everything that related with my aspirations and something I want to achieve. Realistically saying some of them have not reach to be true, I just think maybe I don't create another one. Just simply being focused to finish them all.

Anyway, I like archiving what happened on my life that I spent, not all of them mostly. Taking pictures, create notes (on my secret blog) and also writing blog occasionally. I managed to plan creating audio and share it into Internet, something like called as Podcasting, so I start recording my self using a microphone device that I bought several months ago that is dedicated for Podcasting, thankfully... I can start now.

For the first episode I want to say its about podcasting itself, what I want and why you should do for archiving thought into Internet and also sharing your opinion into audio file (I am quite sure that Internet is already filled with various opinions). I like learning about media and want to master it (that what I wrote last year ago) and maybe podcasting will be like my attempt to get started for applying what I have learnt about it.

If you use PC, creating podcast is not actually that really simple and it takes about 2 hour for recording and edit the audio for better audio quality which is better than using recording device on smartphone. So, I manage to post occasionally once or twice in a week for scheduling and also planning on the topic that later circle around media like books, video games and movie review. Also, language learning and culture are my interest and will be feature for future episodes.

Here we are, this is my first episode of my podcasting and ofcourse ots about podcasting: