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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Review : Kane and Lynch Dead Men™ - A Gritty Shitty Action FPS I ever Play

To be fair, writing this review should be divided into two kind of aspects. First of all, the technical issue, this game is barely out-dated so everyone can run the game flawlessly and I had nothing problem on running it on the latest GPU such Gtx1060 with i7 processor. You have to install Windows Live first to run the game if you encounter error issue such the game wont start properly.

The second thing, of course its about game play. So lets get started with the plot.

You are Kane, an ex-criminal that do revenge against to your crime organization because they kill your family and must save your daughter that is kidnapped. In order to do that, you don't do it alone, you will be accompanied by Lynch, a troubled temperamental guy who swears a lot. He helps you during the game play and mission which you must shoot everyone from police to Yakuza where the game play is basically just getting from point A to B and so on with interesting feature such as commanding your partner or your groups (on some mission) to face your enemy for killing. 

Story-wise its over-used theme and the dialog are terrible, for personal reasons, I cant see the reason why the writers here write their every single characters in this game have swearing lines that were not necessary and exaggerating in order to convince the character you play is not average good guy trope. Its like written by an edgy writer who thinks that character who swears a lot is great to convince the player that has unique personality, and the problem almost single of characters here sound same with angry attitude. 

This game requires keyboard and mouse to control, so if you have controller/joystick its useless. The problem with the control mechanic is really awful in aiming for far range. You have to remember precisely which the keyboard button function for exact control. The most annoying thing that this game dont have "jump" button which in one mission I almost being stuck to continue my game play, and besides please be patient that your movement isn't smooth enough to move with confusing camera movement and auto-hiding feature that is glitchy. But overall, still you can enjoy game if you get used with default controlling mapping if you don't play this game often. 

Its little bit out-dated but still cannot categorized into retro game considering this game came out in mid 00s. The facial movement looks stiff and sometimes ridiculously weird with characters moving their lips on dialog un-synchronized and you can find bug here and there during the game play. 

For the game that you can spend for more 5 hours, this game can potentially be fun for third-person shooting genre, but considering this game is not controller / joystick ready and have lack of story-line interesting plot. You can still add to your collection but for me, Its really hard to see what is the replay value from this game and maybe I never look back because the only thing makes this game interesting is probably its kind of starter to explore third-person genre on PC that is "cheap" to try on Steam (bought on sale). 

P.s : too bad, there is no such button beside yes or no on steam, i'd like to put "maybe". And this is the first game I ever bought and finished on Steam.

Rating : 6/10
Difficulty : Normal
Finished : 30 July 2017