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Tuesday 8 May 2012

[Tips] How not to be Nervous when in Presentation Time.

One of class task that makes a student become active is presentation, in college usually student would give a task to present a topic in front of the class. Some students get used with the situation when they have guts to face their friends undirectly with formal situation like presentation session. but some of them couldn't speak due their lack of guts and besides they are too shy to appear in public situation even in front of their own friend, and if they are in this situation, they usually become nervous.

As i stated first, when a person talk to his/her acquintances or friends in unformal situation,  they must be have ability to talk fluent. What if it’s in presentation? its one formal situation when someone must talk in formal way exactly. so, these things something to do if you don’t want to get nervous in presentation.

1. Make your self enjoy.

Before goint to go presentation, take a deep breath and make your mind calm by thinking something good that would happen in presentation.

2. Think that you face in unformal situation

Never make yourself talking like to new strangers, but make it as you talk with your close friends or if you don’t have any close friends, talk like with your fans.

3. Prepare your words and what would you say only if you don’t want to make it complex.

4. Never think about how to finish the presentation
first, but think about how to make it clear.

5. Maybe if you have some ideas, lets add into comment section :)