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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

[Project] Firstronica; My first Digital Tracks Album

It was three month ago i have been launched my first album 'Firstronica'. Launching album i said. This is one of something fun i do when i have free times, i make electronic music. Maybe you are familiar with Fruity Loop software, its popular software for beginners for sequencing music.

After intense training through Youtube video and learn a little bit about music theory, i just made several tunes. Mostly hiphop beats, and the rest just some electronica.

The album is not commercialized and its free to download. I think this is just for learning purpose, not intending to be a professional musician, because i am looking for my proper talent. Feel free to ask the questions about making digital music. At least, you know to use the software. And anyway, those tunes were started from my first project until March, now i am going to make better tunes again. And i want to use Ableton software, because it has free licence to use the software.

.----[ RELEASE iNFO ]
| Artist.........: Qoreader                                                  
| Title..........: Firstronica                                      
| Year...........: 2012                                                      
| Genre..........: Electronica, Drum and Bass, Hiphop Beat                                              
| Size...........: 27.3   MB                                                 
| Tracks.........: 9                                                         
| Length.........: 15:31  min                                                
| Source.........: WEB                                                       
| Encoder........: MP3                                                       
| Quality........: 224 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo                        
| Release Date...: 15/03/2012                                                
.----[ TRACKLiST iNFO ]--
| #    Track Title                                                      Time 
| 01.  Trancrunker                                                    1:38 
| 02.  In Mind                                                        1:24 
| 03.  Loneliness                                                      1:58 
| 04.  The Rolling Sound                                          1:38 
| 05.  Electrick                                                       1:32
| 06.  Spirit for us 1:49 
| 07.  Night in 190 bpm                                       1:44 
| 08.  Hip and bass 2:08 
| 09.  Trancrunker (8 bit) 1:37 
|                                               Total Playtime:   15:31  min |
Hardcopy, you can get it on the nearest drugstores
 For serious, i just made it:


  1. nope, this is for educational only, not for business.. where have u been?


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