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Friday, 11 May 2012

[PC] Manual Way Transform Windows Xp into Apple Macintosh Theme

Apple Mac has great appearence than Windows Xp operating system; absolutely, no wonder because its more sophisticated and more expensive than the previous one. There are many ways to change Windows Xp appearence into Apple Macintosh look-like, automatically or in manual way.

I have tried to google in internet first, mostly there are instant/automatic ways to do it, just installing a software, click next and next. After restarting the pc, it's automatically transforming your pc appearence. Want to try something new? I have collected many files for transforming your pc; theme style, wallpaper, sound theme, cursors, and icon packs.

I didn't made the files, i have collected the files and compressed into a .rar file, i don't remove any credits for each files, if you want to try to change your theme in manual way, you may try it. You need "tune-up utilities software" first, a demo installer you can get it here:

This is a preview from my pc, i have transformed my Windows Xp into Apple Mac once. 

Link Download:


  1. sorry gan i'm reply your article with Indonesian languge
    saya pernah juga gan mengganti tampilan Windows XP notebook saya dengan tampilan Mac OS X, memang tampilannya keren dan tersedia dock keren yg menggantikan fungsi dari shortcut. Namun ada satu kelmahan mendasar dr mengganti tampilan ini yaitu kecepatan notebook saya jd lambat.

    1. caranya manual apa pake yg otomatis itu gan? kalau dock itu pake stardock gan, aplikasinya terpisah, bisa disetting jadi ringan kok.
      Untuk kecepaatan notebook, mnurut ane sama saja, karena sebenarnya kita gak mengganti system, cuma kulitnya aja.


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