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Friday 1 January 2016

[Monthly Note] Another Year, Another Resolution

This year, I left an historical trace for my own life in academic field, that is passing my last exam and writing my own thesis so that I can graduated with my bachelor in education. It was not easy thing to because working on thesis that dragged my life into hard times arranging time. But, after battling with myself for almost 7 months and rest 3 month, I finally reached my goal achieving my academic validation. 

Now, that is the past and I face a new situation called working as salesman that takes most of my vacant time to do something productive in study instead making money so I can enjoy my own effort with salary for three months. 

A new year, a new year me. That is what Internet said. There is no something that changes me with a new year. Its same thing but the euphoria of New Year affecting someone to write their resolution bucket list which I think I already made it several years ago, basically just like self-improvement that meets a new year and then forgotten after three weeks. 

So, this is my “another year another me” resolution. I want to master 7 languages, read many of books and I can write something about it while not forgetting my interest in editing audio and video so that I can become a pro. That’s all.