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Tuesday 1 December 2015

[Monthly Note] Last Year Challenge

Every year, we always list what things we have done for everyone who think its important to write his/her life into a journal. In 6 month earlier, I am active writing a journal for somethings I want to remember. Its really hard to do sometimes because of laziness and tired of working (Its more harder in this three months), but its not something really productive. What I am doing right now, being an employee and part of wage slaves. And that’s my challenges that I have to improve in working for my own job as sales man. 

My job is not really simple because it has target to achieve, at first I thought what is the point of having target for sales man. Then I realized its something that is close to our live. What is target of life itself? And as human, we set it first and then its depend on how each person will to achieve it or abandon it or just let it flow just like average human who are in comfort zone.

And not just ourself that set the goals, sometimes we need to follow others goals that they set for us. Just like my parents want me to get a job for a field that I have been studied for this five years in education. But, I consider it as side challenge and I have to focus into myself by having my own challenges and beat em. 

So what is average challenges that I am writing about. Its three part of human goals. Properties, Position, and Woman (if you are, then change it into a man, lets call it relationship). Basically, these are main things that human must accomplish to get better living. For a man who have mixed thoughts about seeing a gift called life. Its on the way to understand do these three things are really something I am reaching for. 

Before I close this year writing, I want to recall what I have complished with my life for twelve months. One important thing is that I realized that being graduated and having a degree is part of my life history besides that most of the days I’ve spent are same just like other people. Wake up, go to work, resting. Do it again.