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Wednesday 1 April 2015

[Monthly Note] Turning Into Analog Notebook

My thesis draft was complete and finished recently, it means that I don't have to worry about anything except to do my jobs as content creator around the net. I wish my thesis will be fine when my lecture is going to check it. Anyway, I have to confirm the approval decision next week.

Speaking about productivity, I realised that my writing in this blog is lack of SEO worthy. I give up for that. This blog will be something like personal matters such telling the net that I finish something and post the result.

This month is going to my business to produce videos for Youtube because I've got approval to become its partner and that means my video is worth to monetize.

Recently, I made my own analog (not digital) notebook to keep my goals and plans so that I can access it fast and then I want to make regular writing not typing by using the note. I just found my old note (around 2012) and after read some notes there, it seem that my half of goals was achieved. So, I think having personal analog notebook is more useful to have since I lost sometimes all kind of notebook apps on my phone (too lazy to type).

I hope this is not something short-hype when doing something. Writing using hands is not so common anymore, in order to do it please revert into analog note.