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Saturday 1 November 2014

[Monthly Note] Reformat Everything

This time there arent a lot of things I’d say about what happened in my life, which clearly this time I really want to format my life situation. One of them is my proposal thesis which is rejected [again] but for the alternative; I should work for a raw idea from my lecture advice. And I must finish it before the end of year. First format.

What is most annoying thing when you collect something for couple weeks and then suddenly its lost because of "destiny" or just bad luck, well that happened to me when I collected my four years blog archive post and other supported files, just because of unexpectedly my harddisk aasked to be formatted, moreover I did not even back up my data to another storage medium. What a mess. Second format.

I recently spent my money for a month to buy an amplifier electric guitar; the reason is simply because I just mastered some basic guitar chords after buying it almost a year ago. Really I feel strange when just several days ago, I could play it with right-handed (I am lefty) painless. Third format.

Currently, I also reformatted my project in the music industry I got into;  SBAWS (South Borneo Audio Workstation Society) which I set up last year as an open local music community is formatted into new one as indiependent record label and also its aimed to help documenting and record for local folk musician to release it around Internet; for more details, I made a special official web: . Fourth Format.

Last, I am currently unemployed but sometimes have works to do, there are many ideas in my head and other things for my further project and productivity; but its very disorganized and unplanned, therefore I should format my mind again and plan and relocate these right in the place. Fifth format.