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Monday 30 June 2014

[Project] Seventhouses; House Music Album

In the mid-2014's, I re-released the album of electronic music project that already i planned in the end of 2013. This time the genre is House music that I worked on for six months. Although it's House music, the influence of the ten tracks on this album are likely from Ambient and Techno. What makes "Seventhouses" is different from other house music is the theme.

Basically, Seventhouses is my view on electronic music culture around me, "What if a preacher goes into a club and then play his own music?" Of course listeners can take their own conclusions if Seventhouses is absolutely not a religious album. But more to the social criticism: P (my own conclusion.)

Here is the tracklist along with a review of each track.

1. Trendies

The album opened with typical techno house sound with dark Ambient pad.

2. gRave

The second track is more or less the combination of "rave" with grave.

3. Hedonista

It's interesting, I sampled a spoken word and featured with Suzanna from Telaga Angker movie. The spoken word fits to for Hedonist people, Here's the lyrics.
He's not human
He is more evil than the demon
He should die in my hand
He has made ??me the demon
Now he must become demon slave ...
Keep in mind .. whoever
who kill, rob, rape, and commit other immoral acts.
I will come, kill every one who has done the damned.

4. HereAfter

If there is a recommended track to be heard on this album, Hereafter is the answer.
5. Facial Treatment DJ (Skit)

Here there's only the sound sample i took from the night market in the village called Ambungan, where i spent 2 months there for work field.

6. UptoHigh

This track is tribute to the Village called Ambungan (which I translated roughly as "UptoHigh"), the atmosphere is so strong in this track with the state Ambungan village located on the border of Pelaihari city.

7. Special Request

"ARE YOU READY?" DJ Agus; a DJ who has a very strong fanbase and cult at my city; Banjarmasin. I sampled his voice to this track.

8. Internet Dance Music

Actually I want to make a IDM track combiend with House music for this one, but lately turned into techno during production.

9. Kounter Kultural.

Hail to old-school movie,I sampled Rhoma Irama spoken word on this track from his movie "Young Blood", It has a powerful message about adopting good cultural, especially the western culture. Here's the lyrics:
I'm sick of them
really boring
They are too westernized
It's okay we imitate the west,
but of course from their good things
For example, their music, their science, and many more things that we could well imitate.
But not precisely, being drunkenness, disgusting promiscuity , and all sorts of other evils that we imitate.

This should we must challenge!
I'll prove it to them
That the music is sacred,
That music is not vice media.
I would preach "amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar"

10. The Red Veil

The last track different from the previous tracks, I combine hiphop beat with glitch and then sampling to traditional Banjar Instruments called Panting from a song titled Kakambang Habang. This is where the hint track for the next album, I will try to collaborate electronic music with Banjarese instruments.

CD Fisik saya kirim ke radio juga loh :0

To download full album; Please click the link below. (2014). rar

Remember, music is free and is intended for education (educational purpose) and are not intended for commercial.

Anyway, in a few months maybe i will release more music. But with different genres, could it be Ambient or perhaps my Hiphop themed experience during in college.