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Thursday 1 August 2013

[Monthly Note] A Note for 22 Years Old

Thanks God, one more year I've passed and now being 22 years old. I'd like to give my self a note for my previous year. There were many goals that I've done by writing which was posted last year.

Being active blogging (sometimes), producing more music and also videos. I keep learning and how to improve my self in my interests such writing and travelling. In my study (college), my GPA is average as usual; around 3,5.

Sometimes my part-time job works well to get additional earnings and I am currently working as delivery man three times a week.

Above is my celebration day video with my classmate.

In romance relationship,  ten years from now finally I have a girlfriend for a week because I just got a good girlfriend but didn't suit with me very well and I think I need to learn more. So it just lasts for short time. This year, my birthday is celebrated by many friends and I invited them to come to my place and had a cake together.

Next, I think in this 22th, it will be my turning point in my career, maybe next year I'll finish my college study, and take a proper job as a teacher or maybe wander into different place to find a new life. But who knows?

p.s : Written 15 days after birthday celebration.