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Monday 5 August 2013

[Exp] 1st Experience Music Live-Set in Local City

Producing music is my side project that doesn’t make any profit so far, because my idealistic view and also lack of connections who are interested to do same thing with me.

Recently, I just contacted one of my friend who works in a local café and I asked was there possible to do live-set dj-ing there for fun, he said that he would contact the owner, eventually I got the permission but without get paid for playing live-set. I didn’t have problem with that. I intended to get more experiences playing live-set than playing alon in my own room.

So, I performed live with my random mixtape in front of visitors and sometimes inserting my own tracks which made some of people being confuse, I could saw in their face.

Knob Twister and Play Pusher
Technically, I have played for two hours and it’s started in 08.00 pm in Friday night till midnight. Previously the club owner asked me to publish about my live-set performance. Talking about the visitors, there was very quiet and the café had only five to ten visitors, but I didn’t really expect something big people staring at me playing controllers, its exciting to show what you listen to some random people. 

Mostly, I had played chill-music tracks and glitch-hop, due its not familiar, what can I say. People were confuse what I was playing in the place. Well, for further performance. I’d like to play my only tracks so I am eager to produce more tracks right now.