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Friday 7 June 2013

[Thought] What is Post-Hipster?

Someone asked me about my Twitter profile, I write in the description by stating my self as Post-Hipster, his question was what is post-hipster and who coined that term? And then I replied in short due its Twitter not Blog. So I am gonna discuss what is post-hipster.

My answer in Twitter was:

So, post-hipster is counter of counter culture of hipsterism.This is based on my opinion, pic is related. 5 Characteristics:

In General

Post-hipster is average teenage guy who lives separately from his parents but still ask money for daily expenses and works part-time to get more money in order to achieve his dreams as under-rated musician ofcourse. Sometime he travels in pointless way.

In Music

Its started to like nu-metal > post-hardcore > metalcore > indie-rock > indie-pop  >  IDM and music for lonely people. And ofcourse have another side projects.

In Fashion.     

No sense fashion at all. Can't afford for that. And have a class-mate who has hipster glasses and don't realize it that's hipster glasses.

In Lifestyle

Being more political and pretend as an independent activist,  avoiding the mainstream stuffs and don't have any tv.
Playing old-school games, being quasy wise in philosophical side. And don't forget derping around the Internet for several hours, u kno what i men..

In conclusion

Well actually this term is something that you never heard after. So any addition?