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Sunday 9 June 2013

Five Recommended Channel to Learn Bahasa Indonesia on Youtube

Learning language through Internet videos is easy way to get learning for free besides using premium sites. Based on the necessary, language learners may look for introducing materials in the first time. And learning through videos is the best way to get started. Additionally, Youtube is the proper place to look for anything you want to see people who share their skills over the Internet. One of those is learning language, so its very easy to find any English lessons on Youtube videos, how about Bahasa Indonesia?

You can type "learning bahasa Indonesia" or similar keywords, and mostly the result is inaccurate, here are some lists i found on Youtube and may be recommended channel to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Here we go:

In this channel you can learn Bahasa Indonesia through picture and vocabularies, its good to download it and save it as your playlist in memorizing Bahasa Indonesia words. 

This is personal channel of Indonesian people who live in U.S, she uploaded videos in understanding Indonesian theories besides words of the week and the rest just random videos. If you are interested to learn intensively, you can contact here on her website for furthermore:

If you are interested to see Indonesian cultures and its explanation in English, this channel is for you. There are some videos which show about Indonesian living and places especially in Yogyakarta. Unfortunately, There is no more video uploaded.

Its a school to learn Bahasa Indonesia, if you are willing to learn intensively, you may check the channel.

And the last is mine, i made 20 videos in understanding basic Indonesian grammar, there are also short conversation videos and list of vocabularies you can download. I made it just for fun, and i wont upload about Bahasa Indonesia anymore because its over and i fulfilled my promise to American friend to make it these videos for her. (I removed all of my videos here)*update 2018.