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Thursday 13 September 2012

How to Make a Simple Bookshelf from a Piece of Used Wood

Close enough
When i travelled into different places and i stayed in some cafe and rest-houses, i saw bookcases with many of books that you can take for one by exchanging your book. That's good idea for traveller who want to give their books to another travellers. So, so, rather than reading a book that may have been bored to read or making your luggage become more heavier, exchanging your book could good option.

Being inspired to do same thing, i decided to make a bookshelf (its little bookshelf) from used piece of wood, I'll use it for giving my book to people who want to do book exchange. So, it took a little bit time, tool and resource. All the things you need are:

For Tools:
- A Saw
- A Hammer
- Nails
- A Sharp Knife

For Resource
- Piece of wood 

For Time
- 30 minutes 

Basically, to make a simple book shelf you can see this pic to start make a foundation:

A piece of wood and 4 side sticks for foundation, you will need more...

And then you can build the bookshelf like this:

And this is the result, it looks fragile, so for suggestion, don't put too much heavy books inside:

The Result, you can put it beside the door.