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Friday 7 September 2012

[Thought] Dont use Cellphone

Cellphone is something that modern people cant live without, so its like secondatry need for people communication nowaday. Day by day, cellphone not only as the way to call people through the voice, but its changed a lot to be a internet device too.So, are we still calling that stuff with the cellphone?

One people that i know think that the cellphone is not her need. Her name is Christy, and she is an naturalist. She stated that she dont want to get addicted with the cellphone, i was curious about her opinion, so when she explained to me why does she not to use cellphone? I made it as a list above:

- Do not want to be addicted with technology

As we can see, people really need their cellphone, whether that is for entertaintment such multimedia player or they really need it for their business. Christy said, she dont need use the cellphone because everyday you must bring this stuff everywhere and it always follow you.

- You will spend your time with your cellphone than your family and friends.

This may be true, in the communication, people now talk via cellphone; in this case, i take blackberry messenger, they always talk a lot of thing on Blackberry, sometimes they dont really care what happened around them, and they spend their time with it.

- Health issue

Did you hear if you use the cellphone in a long time, it'll damage your brain and even your reproduction vital. I am not sure about that, one thing that is cellphone did to people health, it'll burn and blow if the phone is gimcrack.

- Contacting people with another way.

She still use internet and regular mail service to send letters, so she dont need to tell someone what she do everyday. So, she will send a mail or telling her family and friends by internet and e-mail.

- For me, i am still need my cellphone, because it's really important how people contact me for business. Anyway, what are your excuses about not using cellphone?