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Monday 9 July 2012

Five Things You Should Know about Weather in Indonesia

Travelling into Indonesia could be easy and hard in the same time. Weather is one of the reasons in the travelling that we must notice. Despite Indonesia have two seasons, you must know a little bit about Indonesia weather condition, here they are that I get everyday.

1. Rainy season (Musim Hujan) comes from September to April. Rain doesn't occurs everyday, and the frequency can be predicted, rain usually happens less than 3-6 hours only.
2. Dry season (Musim Kemarau) comes from May to September, Rain sometimes occurs rarely, the frequency of raining perhaps 3 times in a month.
3. Nowadays, sometimes in the dry season, rain falls occasionally, but it does not take for a long time.
4. If the hot temperature feels hotter than usual, then usually rain will fall down.
5. In the rainy seasons, flood something happens in  the most of cities which the water come from the highland.

And then If you have a question about the weather, you may see in the Indonesian forecaster websites.