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Sunday 8 July 2012

[Tips] How to be Fit during Fasting Month

For Moslem, In Ramadhan month, fasting is obligation to do for 30 days. For some people, fasting seems very difficult to run, we can't eat and drink in the whole day. Not only like that, we mustn't hold our act to do something wrong in our deeds and speak.

Another question exists from people who get started in fasting. Would they stand and could they to be fit during the fasting? Of course they could. Here are some tricks how to make our body to keep fit during the fasting.

1. Don't eat too much when in 'sahur' time; a time before morning to eat. Eat more vegetables and drink warm tea and white water. Avoid to eat more meat which contain much fat, that would make your body get hard to move.

2. Sleep more, in the day, its recommended to sleep. Afternoon is good time to do that, at least you can sleep for 3 hours.

3. Make your body more active, don't think about fasting that causes you get laziness. Do light activities such walking around, its good to prevent yourself to think about eating and drinking.

So, those are my tips, you can add it if you have great ideas. Happy Fasting