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Friday 9 March 2012

Five Considerations before Buying an Android Tablet

Using tablet as trendy gadget nowadays has became a new trend to bring sophisticated way for tech-users. The small sized and easy to use are the main reason why people change their way to use laptop previously into tablet that has another name like Pad which comes from Apple product ; iPad and then adapted by another products with various generic product names. 

If you want to buy tablet or pad, think to consider what would you with the gadget? There are various kind of tablet price and the functionality. If you want to have it, you may consider based on your need:

1. You need cheap computing device, mostly there are many cheap tablets out there to afford, some tablet can work for instance communication like able to phone and texting but it takes more price and besides expensive tablets come from popular brands that have high prestige if you have it, in contrary, if you just need the funcionality only, most of cheap tablet can connect Internet only via WiFi feature and have common operating system like Android.

2. You need portable computing and fit your bag with soft weight, perhaps, you may feel discomfort with the small screen that would make work hard like your job in editing documents that need wide space workplace for example in processing documents.

3. You need multimedia player only, it suits you. If you want to do your project with it, there are many limitations to use the features like in the laptop, for example editing photos and videos. So, you can enjoy more multimedia, but its hard to process it.

4. You need Viewer, you can open many of files on the tablet; Documents, Photos, Videos, and E-book, if you prefer to use it as useful gadget for your study or work, using tablet can be your choice to help you to study everywhere.

5. You need easy-to-use computer, so use gadget, if you have computer/laptop could be waste your time to do maintenance regularly, so its hard to learn for beginners, using gadget must be easier to use because the simple operating system like Android. So those are the main consideration before you have it, think about it before you get it, do you really need player or processor?