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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Trekking into Meratus Mountain with Bibiana and Jana

Me, Jana and Biba in Floating Market
 I had a chance to go together with another backpackers when two backpackers from Slovakia asked for host in Banjarmasin through Couch Surfing. They want to see Banjarasin city especially Floating Market, and we went there succesfully. The only thing that i felt awesome from this trip was Mountain Meratus hiking explore without guide, so this is the story.
I was not alone, i went with two brave bacpackers from Slovakia, they are Jana and Biba. Jana is college-exchange student from Bandung, she learn about Indonesia cultures and the other is Biba, she is biologist college student.

Hunt for soe photos

Waiting for truck
We used this truck for getting to Kandangan.

We stopped by on Warung
The Druck drivers
We slept on Mapala Base when we were in Kandangan

 The day we arrived, we slept in a local willager's house.

Sleep here

Then in the morning we went to the Meratus Mountains for the entire day.  We hiked through the jungle for three hours and we almost got lost because we didn't hire a guide since it was too expensive. So, using just the directions from one of the local residents, we went in for free.  My Slovakian friends sometimes stopped to take pics (or photos) of plants.

The Jungle
On the way
It will be great to hear about your trip.  I can't call you earlier than 7:45 because I'll just be getting up and mornings are always busy since I have to leave at 8:45.  If you're not available for any reason, don't worry.  We'll keep rescheduling.  The next free morning for me will be on Saturday.

Loksado Places
On the Village

Onthe river