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Thursday 9 February 2012

Nyoto; A thriving artist from Youtube cvlture

In this world, there is always be someone feel that his life is too awesome live under same things everyday, people like that sometimes tries to be againts mainstream opinion about common reliability in the society. Now, to reach popularity which make us to think about standarization of good or bad performance and ofcourse appearance.

In the internet, there is no need appearance to make your self become popular, if you have a lot of guts to show your face and your braveness to get many insults and compliment, so you may choose an alternative media to show your talent.

There is a guy with too d**m high confidence tries to break rules of people standard in being popular among internet, he shows himself and sing random songs in order he can enter entertainment industry. Introducing, its Nyoto, a "thriving" artist from Youtube, he is rising star, and he can entertaint you by his singing and acts.

I dont know what does Nyoto Priyono upload his videos by himself or he have a manager, but as you'll see, there is bunch of videos that he made, they look same but they sound different, he blabbles and sings in the sametime for each videos. What a brand new of style in art making.

Just like another artists, Nyoto gets a lot of fans and haters, but he still fell that his haters are his fans. And he doesn't stop to upload new videos. He get many attentions by people, no matter what he did on the Youtube, people still complain about the standard what is good and bad thing of performance and appearance, mostly appearance.

But, Youtube is open-public area in the internet, everyone could be an artist, and what  Nyoto want is being "An Artist", and people expect something better than Nyoto's singing. So, let's say this guy is a thriving artist.

Here are top-five videos based on youtube searching. Spoiler alert: