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Tuesday 7 February 2012

[Thought] Writing a Journal Now

People in the past used to write their daily experience in the diary or their notebook, not electronic notebook such a laptop, but it's really notebook. Writing journal or diary in the past was something fun and lot of teenagers did this regularly. They will write anything about what happened in their life, there are many topics that they could write, mostly they write their relationship with another people. 

 Maybe writing a journal just like a blogging, but no one could read it except the writer. And a journal also has personality secret in describing anything they have been experienced. Not like a writing a blog, you don't need Internet connection to start it, and you don't have to worry in loosing your writing, because you can save it anywhere and its safe from corrupt data and missing files.

I was used to write a journal once, but and i didn't continue again because in the first time, usually we have more passion to do something, but if we don't keep it, it would be change into a different thing. But, if you have a blog, you can write your journal on Internet, just consider what you wrote before you post it. 

What do you think?