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Wednesday 5 October 2011

[Exp] Living in Boarding School

What does teneeagers think about boarding school? Boring, full of rules, living under schedules and etcetera.

Living in a Boarding School is an alternative education for getting every lessons which you cant get from regular school such as leadership, self-controlling, managing life indiependently, and how to be involved with other people in for 24 hours.

Not like as regular school, boarding school has many activities and rules that must be followed by students. If they dont implement the activities or break the rules, they will be warned and punished if they still doing make the same mistakes. It must be the same with school system, but there are many differencies that i cant explain more about this. So, lets talk about the advantages of boarding school.

As i said in the second paragraph, you will learn about leadership in the boarding school because there are many other person people that you must socialize with them. You will find out more your of friend characteristics so that you may be led them or they led you (in the meaning they will affect you or you affect them)

And other advantages about living in boarding school is self-controlling, yes. Its a the biggest thing that you will get there. How do you must adapting with a different place, different condition, and exactly different person.\

Alright, actually, there are many things that i want to write here, but i am busy now, i have many college tasks and i am working as a typist now. So, maybe, we'll continue talking about this later.

P.s: As a typist, i am enjoying the job though sometimes i geot boringness ed.

Thank you for Ben Bettinson for editing and correcting my writing. The red colored is writing mistake, and the blue colored is his correcting.