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Saturday 8 October 2011

[Tips] How to Read Book Free.

There many ways and tricks to read book freely that actually we never know the trick is so simple an easy. This is some tips an trick to read book free with online or offline ways.
  1. Go to book store, and just pretend you will book a buy there before you read one book until finish.
  2. Go to library is simple way to read book freely indeed you can bring the books to your home with become a library member.
  3. Read online, now there many book that you can download from Internet legal even illegal. Its up to you, but i think this way not effective and efficient because using computer or desktop that will make you waste electricity in your home.
  4. Borrow book from your friend that like to collect books. This way is i often to do.
  5. Other than tricks above, i suggest you to buy books anymore, its the best way to read book freely, agree?