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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Review : Remember Me - That Nobody Remember Me?

What if everyone have a chance to trade their memory in order to gain personal or company profit in the near future, and there are contrarian who oppose the idea and want to eradicate the memory corporatism by becoming errorist that manipulate someone memory. That’s the premise about Remember Me, an interesting concept for a story background to explore with modern beat em up as the main game play. Play as Nilin, an errorist who are commanded by mysterious figure who want to stop the corporate tyranny of memory manipulation which lead and connect for her past connection.

Remember Me has stunning visual with the neo Paris scenery and building where the majority of game play consist of easy platforming from the city into building indoor as the game story progress that makes the game lost its identity and interesting point. Nilin as the main character who have martial art ability have to fight bunch of robot, soldiers and memory zombies with simplified quick time event button which players need to push the button precisely with predetermined five combo that seems repetitive but still great to have abilities which players need to concentrate between beating the enemy and avoid their attack at once. 

The game is not only about beating em up session only, it has chapter break session where player use Nilin ability to manipulate her target memory, players need to see the dialogue and rewind the story to change the way story progress by manipulating object. Its interesting at first but becomes too boring and time consuming to do. There are also some mini puzzles to figure and its not too hard to solve beside in some part, players will face some boss who are too trivial to beat, but its not wrecking the enjoyment of game since its not really hard to finish because the only thing players need to do is having great combo combination, reflex to avoid enemy and know what ability to defeat certain enemy. 

Story-wise its easy to follow with its chapter break, there are not so many complex twist to follow and personally I think the open world and outdoor building as the background has the potential to make this game looks more stunning and too bad the more I play, the setting becomes more grounded and limited setting. The visual itself its really stunning, I love taking the screen shoot of Neo Paris buildings while doing plat forming, the camera movement know how to pick good angle for the setting. The music score is describing the memory corruption by manipulation by giving the glitches music here and there, the dialogue and voice acting is not so bad but also not so good. 

Concussively, Remember Me has the title that leaves the impression for people who thought this is kind of drama wise or heavy story of video game at first, but its actually decent beat em up games with its potential with the theme and world building, it leaves a sour but still great feeling for one shot game to pick and finish at once. 

Rating : 7/10
Difficulty : Normal
Finished 1 March 2020 
Written 16 March 2020