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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Review : Crysis - Finally My PC Can Run Crysis

There were the most popular PC games for the mid 2000s that the Internet made for meme material especially among the gamers. Crysis is one of them with the phrase “Can it run Crysis?” for every single PC gaming existed as the standard for high-end PC gaming at the time. Can it run nowadays? Of course we can if there is a graphic card attached on the pc with an amount of capable ram and good processor because as the most stunning video game graphic that ever existed and most demanding hardware ever. Nowadays so called PC gaming is barely able to run and play the game.

Crysis is the first person shooter game that is remembered for the graphic but how about the game play? Is it fun or is it good? For a game which has a setting in the real world that simulates the real environment with another military theme shooter where a special ops U.S army is assigned in tropica island facing the North Korean army to investigate mysterious alien phenomena. This special army as the main character has a power suit that adds the gameplay element as the gimmick where players have the ability to use super strength, super speed and super armor and also super cloak to help balance the game play. 

The game has open world-like world design with the stunning graphic which the level design consists of a tropical island as the beginning where the majority to progress the game is just going from point A to B and occasionally need to wipe clean an enemy. I think the most lack luster of this kind of gameplay is players don’t even bother to fight against all enemies, just run across passing by the enemy using the ability as long as they don't alert them and you get the objective and auto-save with finishing the chapter. There is a small part the game becomes shooting gallery like airborne chapter and later becomes more frustrating in one certain level that has nothing to do with shooting, mild spoiler its involved with alien stuff and personally it's one of worst level design ever. 

The story and characters are typical U.S saves the day trope, nothing really special since the game needs the player to follow orders to complete the objective but still have freedom to enjoy the game taking a different approach like going full shooting or becoming stealthy. Weapons do not lack luster and instead bullets are not really hard to find since the game is only full of typical fps without any additional elements like rpg or strategy. And one thing about the weapon system that it has a pre-built setting on customization of weapons like attachable items like scope, dampener and flashlight. 

As the closing the review, this game reminds me of playing Far Cry 1 where the plot is the same and probably is the tamer version of gameplay because it has additional gimmick like weapon and armor system. And turns out the developer is the same one who worked the installment. So if you enjoy the more challenging version of Far Cry 1 with the great graphic that made my 1060gtx stutter in the gameplay, try Crysis and then question everything Can IT Run Crysis?

Rating : 7/10
Difficulty : Normal
Written : 19 March 2020
Finished : 19 March 2020

Crysis 19/3/20 = 7/10