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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Review : Just Cause 2 - Action B-Movie meets Open World Game set in Malaya

There are too many ambitious open world action games already on the market that sub-par with the formula of typical one big city or island where usually consist of action movie elements such shooter and driving around as the player doing mission for people or group in order to progress the story line. Just Cause 2 exists and gives a new look about open world game that has anything to offer new touch in its uniqueness such playing as playing field US Agent who explore the vastness of Panau Island that is probably one of the biggest map ever made in video game ever made.

Players can do any mission with three different political faction that is already done with many open world games where the main character doing the work for them by attacking government official and building, fetching the item, and shoot the military bases by using any limited weapon. It’s a 3rd person shooter game where players use can us his grapple ability to transport anywhere faster and also various transportation to get the place they want to visit by buying any vehicles or hijack them from the residents of Panau. 

The game consist of main mission where players need to overthrow the regime of Panau Island by investigating what is the plan of new president will do that threaten the world and in order to progress the story, the chaos blank need to be filled in order unlocking new mission which means players need to do blowing any government building across the island to make chaos, and that is the interesting part of the game. There are various missions from three different faction of group who are bad people, and we play as questionably bad person here. There are native gang groups, criminal warlord, and revolutionary person who want to take control of the island and their mission are mostly consist of being a person who need to explode things, assassinate military officials, and steal their properties. Its just GTA-type game but here we fight against government militaries instead criminal gangs. 

Playing Just Cause 2 is like watching late midnight action B-movie where at some points feel like doing a chore and you don’t need to take attention to the story and enjoy certain parts that are interesting to look. The characters are hilariously “bad” and too caricatural which means something you can find any cheesy action movies, but this time you face against Micronesian government which I rarely found where it has kind of local touch with the Malayan setting and language. 

I think what I really like from the game is the setting instead of story, driving around in the tropical island with various location such cities or village and also nature such mountains and jungle to explore is the enjoyment because there are comfiness to look around the scenery. It has biggest map to explore but its not cramped type of map so expect long travel journey to takes more time than actual finishing the mission. 

Just Cause 2 gives new experience playing open world game, its probably one game you look up not for the story but something rather doing chaos by blowing anything you want and fill up the chaos bar, doing the mission are same like other open world games, and expect you are here is not superhero for a day, instead an asshole who is actually no need to do bad things for bad people to throw the regime of government. 

Rating : 7/10
Difficulty : Normal
Finished 16 March 2019 
Written 15 March 2019