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Saturday 11 January 2020

Review : SimCity 4 Revisited - The GOAT of City Builder on PC

Sim City 4 is probably the greatest city building simulator game I ever played. Its a game in the early era of decent 3D visual that spawned in 2000 where some games are bit out-dated and hard to run in newer system, this game runs well with some bugs that for me as saving grace to stop me keep playing. Its a game when you understand how things work, you probably can't stop zoning and micro managing the dream city you want. 

There is no ending for this kind of simulation game and there are some maps to work with based on biggest cities but players can create their own map with terraforming's feature, there are many mods to try to fix the game that is for me leaving the challenge making a balance and well-made financially the city. Literally things that players have to do make balance zoning between housing, office and factories that needs to be carefully taken to maximize the profit through the tax players get during the game. The challenging part when it comes the city starts growing and needs public services like education, security and health building that consumes the expenses. Transportation is crucial important to grow the wealthy residents where in game visual show as the building looks clean and pleasing to see. 

In age of tap to win games in order finish the building process and DLC, this game is pure perfection with its bug that sometimes occur whenever you start outsmart the financial system and become the richest mayor. And there is no auto-save feature discovered yet, so playing this game needs to save often whenever you are done zoning or city starts growing become more complex. 

I think the easiest trick to play this game is making zones based on each city where there are multiple lands to pick, one particular need to be build the industry, and besides the city the residential where office is really hard to build in big scale since it needs proper public service available to boost the demand. Demand is the key factor to know what games to progress winning the game. 

As my personal note, for me Sim City is kind of my dream game back when in elementary school I like drawing buildings of city map in my notebook and there is a neighbor Playstation 1 video game rental had a game called Sim City 2000. Its the moment there was a game built for me. Of course since its on console, the game apparently existed since the dawn of early computer video game. And yeah, computer was expensive in the late 90s so I just found the pc version on high-school. 

Rating 9/10 
Written in 10 January 2020