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Thursday 2 January 2020

Review : Bionic Commando - A Bland of Remake of Old-School Franchise

Bionic Commando 2009 is flesh-out of long sequel from long 8 bit franchise from NES console that turned into 3D video games in the sequel. A simple action action game where our MC has bionic arm that can be use to swing around facing against soldier and robot mecha in the waste-land city where he explore and want to find about his wife fate meanwhile doing task for a government.

To be honest, this game is conceptually want to follow the serious tone that happened in many games around the time where every video game needs to be have realistic story-line and it fails the deliver because based on the story in the making, this game is intended to be have more humouristic that blends with brainless action story, this is why I found some part of line in the game looks supposed to be comedic rather being serious. 

The story it self is kind of typical action movie tier where characters have to explore linear world that involves using swinging. For the most of game play is just consisting of going to the spot object, hack it to read some info about story and later then progress into same object with different location. 

The difficulty of enemy sometimes is challenging and literally satisfying to face by using the throwing stuff using the bionic arm into enemies, there are some basic weapon to use but its just fun killer. Oddly enough, you don't have to bother some minion to kill to progress, just ignore and swing into the end of destination, and that;s all. Some boss requires stuff to open Youtube walkthrough because it has no guide how to beat the boss so player may stuck facing the boss because its so ambiguous to figure how to do the damage. 

And I think the fatal mistake of this game even though it has short game play, it has no level progressing, weapon and item to buy ( to upgrade), and reward to kill the enemies. The game is just offering advancing the level through simple game play (maybe this kind of resemblance NES version type), but still I really enjoy the game especially the swinging part through location. 

Rating : 7/10
Difficulty : Normal
Finished in : 2 January 2020