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Friday 10 January 2020

Review : Metro: Last Light - A Better Sequel for Post Nuclear Russia Game

After finishing Fallout 3, I am interested to play games with post-apocalyptic nuclear blast theme. And my attention for my next playlist for the genre is Metro franchise. I finished the first installment and got mediocre opinion about the game and not expecting too much considering and comparing this game as par Fallout which probably have similarity theme fallout and its fps type game, the core storyline is different while the game play is linear not dont have RPG element.

Metro Last Light is kind of example how a sequel game improved slightly in the game play that hooked me to keep playing with its interesting new story line about what's left from first installment where this game is based on the novel which there is too many thing to explore about the lore. Its basically Russian people who lived underground in the metro bunker-like where they have to survive from mutants, bandit and militia faction. And our character is just simply got involved for the politic while the bigger threat resides outside their residence.

The game is simply fps with little bit upgrading the weapon by bartering ammo, surviving out-world with gas mask with limited time, walking simulator for each chapter break while enjoying the atmosphere that is probably a nightmare for claustrophobic. And its wrapped in the linear story-telling that is the world building is the key factor why player bother with the story line.

Even though I expected this game as RPG game. I like with its simple fps game trope, the combat is challenging and unexpectedly fun where the game difficult setting can be choose as stealth game or just shooter blaster. The enemies are varied from human to mutant, the environment sometimes pain in the ass to figure for progressing the game (oddly its linear game but players must have to figure something for rooms to access).

I think Metro Last Light just leave me an impression that this game has stunning graphic that made by Non Hollywood studio but they just follow the action type of movie tropes in story telling, its not the problem. The problem is ending I don't expect since this is not a movie with single ending, but a game where its has different ending and players don't have the idea to get proper ending except replaying the game and read how stupid the requirements to get better ending. But I am satisfied with the ending I have got.

Rating 8/10
Difficulty : Normal (Spartan Mode)
Finished : 9 Januari 2020
Written : 9 Januari 2020