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Thursday 1 October 2015

[Monthly Note] When Closing Comes

When I write this.. I am currently in a cafe enjoying my first salary while using my newest notebook in a crowd. One day ago, I was in a office in a session called closing where I worked as field sales for a month. And I had to wait more hours because its last day of stuffs that should be sold. So its not about my blog being closed or shutting down, but its a phase of my work experience in professional company. After all, I am not a NEET anymore.

My job requires more times to spend on various Computer stores in Banjarmasin by visiting each place daily, and I must sell 14 IT products like laptop and PC components. It was hard and desperately difficult to adapt in different situation and people, but after for a weeks, I get used to do something that I should when I come in a store such asking how many product stocks are left and offered them to buy, either its succed or failed. I have to ask owner's stamp to finish my visiting where in a day I must visit 10 stores or more. 

I dont have time to continue my project because working in a day fully and have not many times to spend on blogging and creating projects anymore. I am so depleted but its worth for me than being jobless. And morever, I enjoy in an environment where I can learn anything about big business and how to run a bussiness through different people / acquintance / and co-workers. 

Anyway, I just graduted two weeks ago, the moment is average normal. I just graduated alone just like when I enter the college, some of my friends are left behind still working on their thesis. And yeah, I had photograph with my family after graduation. Its a phase of my next journey to reach my goal being succesful business-man or atleast, I am going to be a PC store owner with strong concept.

For the last thing, I am going to work for several months building my reputation and hone my skill in selling and educating my costumers where I wish I can still have time to continue my project. Its still all about projects.