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Tuesday 1 September 2015

[Monthly Note] Freedom to Work

After month of independence for Indonesia. This month is my turn in having my own independency for working free. My study is over, and the graduation day waits for two weeks in the middle of September. What I am really thinking right now, about my decision on how to get money without asking to my parent. In five years, I always depend on my parent’s money to have daily regular expense. Even though I had what so called “part-time” jobs. The earning I used for buying some gadget and stuffs that interest me such musical instrument, and yet parents worked as support funding. 

In this month, I stop asking money from my parent because I have a full freedom to work without concerning about my study issues that is over. From the job list I’ve found on Internet. I look for some opportunities to work in Technological related marketing because besides English as my main skill, I am willing to learn about how to sell that I really understand and interest me a lot. So, I scanned my GPA result, certificates and papers in order to fulfill the requirements, so I sent it already. Now, I am just waiting for a call if my proposal may be accepted. 

In another side, I still have a work place where I built for three years as my side job which I named, I sold several stuffs there and currently I am selling a trending stuff called Google Cardboard. A potential stuffs that everyone will buy. So, if I don’t get the job. I took this side as back-up plan. There is also a project in my Youtube channel where I actually think of for twice for being in this field deeply. I still writing scripts for a new season with different 4 episodes of learning. Its my intention to create and continue the project because I think it can maintains my primary skill in teaching where I hope its useful for everyone. 

Stuff for Sale!

 So, for the last part. This English blog doesn’t have regular post. What I am really expect of having English blog. I can leave traces for everyone who want to know what I am going to do next. Happy September