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Saturday, 1 August 2015

[Monthly Note] Its Done! The end of Dissertation and Research.

I just passed my final dissertation for my last college exam, after spending for a couple of months collecting sources, conducting research, revising research, and signing the time for examination, finally my effort just got paid by earning good grade and pass status. My research is about teacher's competence in my college where there are two aspects that important, there are personal and social competences. 


with my examiners and lecturers.

When my research was tested, I was confident in answering examiner questions, arguing and also giving a clear reason why I took the research where the subject is related with education competence. After the process of testing, I got an announcement that I just passed the test and got satisfying grade for it. The effect of the research surely fits with my current purpose on education because personally, the research helped me to shape about ideal thing in "how to become a great teacher" and after this examination. I am surely going to be a teacher, not a particular teacher, but I may be a tutor who is able to create good impression when I teach. 

My friends who were attending the presentation.
So, currently I am revising my dissertation for a week. The graduation will be held on November, and I have several months to fill these for working on something like real job. Therefore I am going to look for a opportunity in working part-time as tutor in English and also continue my Youtube project where I just got paid. For Indonesia project, it will have a new season where I assume it will be updated weekly and will end after 5 months uploading. 

Ied Fitri celebration has just passed recently, and I spent my ramadhan time with my family. Maybe if I have decent job and my own crib or having opportunity to study abroad. That was last living with my parent. Somehow, this year is great month I just experienced because spending my “quality” time with my own family while I concentrated learning how to speak fluent and communicate my research result in effective way.  

Last, all I have to express in this post is how relieved I am after dealing long process of creating and conducting college research, at least it gives me a state where I had to be more patient in dealing with institution. My friend even told me, working dissertation is not same as writing blog...


  1. Congratulation for passing the hardest part of being a college student bang! Hehe

    1. its not the hardest.. most hardest ever :D
      thanks... you can learn from my own experience.

    2. Hooo, I was wondering, who's qorisme? The one who had left some comments on my blog by then. Apparently, it's you. I did forget that I once left a comment here lol
      sure, take me as your student sir :D

    3. Its my Indonesia blog. This one is for my broader reader and people who want to reach me about Youtube project I am currently working on.
      I am not sure about being a teacher. Prefer to share than teach though..


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