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Monday 20 July 2015

[Project]; Indonesian Android Games Lets Play

There are many Indonesia android game developers published their games into Google Play already. And as long as those games are decent to play and fun to try, the review comes from different bloggers that suggest these games toward their readers. I looked up and tried some of available games and found that these games are worth and rest are crappy because isimilar formula and even just imitating the gameplay, and the worst thing some lazy developers game put other game code and use it for their dull games. 

I created a new project that what I am currently working on, and that opinion above is something I discovered when trying Indonesian android games. The project is listing and reviewing available Indonesian games in Google Play. There atlest one hundred game that I am going to try. is the project name on Youtube where its not written game review but its like first look and lets play video series. 

So, I use my phone to record gameplay video and add my commentary in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks to my Asus 5 phone that is able to record the screen via PC by using additional software called PC Link. 

Screenshot of project is separated Youtube project which is different than my primary Youtube channel, and also because this channel is meant to be gaming channel. I can separate the purpose in my main channel although I posted a lets play series there but in case I keep my play time with different console. 

As I meantioned, there are worth Indonesian games to try with similar looks and appeals where the game devs show Indonesian culture and refenrece side in their games. In, I separate the games based on genre, most of Indonesian games are arcade and puzzles, and also different genres that are make them great and I am going to create their own lets play series where majority of my review just playing for short time in finding the fun and creativity factors in each games. 

 If you want to get started: Click here: