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Wednesday 1 July 2015

[Monthly Note] Documenting Life

Writing three paragraphs in this blog is something miraculous, but leaving in write about monthly note is inevitable for me. Because this section is something that I use for documenting my life and summarizing in a month. A lot of things happened this year, in a few days. I am gonna re-celebrate my birthday. This time I am gonna spend my day with my sibling. 

Why do I blog? I love documenting since when I was in elementary I had written experiences in a book, unfortunately.. It was appeared to be something embarassing when my firend read my journal. So, I had stopped writing because it made me in trouble. 

And then later when I was high-school, I was joining literature club where I write several cringe works like short stories and poetry. Consequently, I am introduced by blogging, so 7 years ago, I write blog in Bahasa Indonesia where I put the most cliche things in writing article and thought. And yes, this blog has some contents that leave trail about my writing skill. 

What I really like in blogging is keeping memories online and share what I've done and produced towards people. And this English blog is not supposed to be a blog that have full of articles and etcetera, but actually its a place where I can start to look for my previous projects because I've done in several fields in multimedia like music producing and youtube video learning. 

A few days ago, my thesis proposal was approved by faculty of college where I spent my five years. And then I will face the session in the  next 27 days, while waiting for the day. I am currently working to my projects that were abandoned because finishing my thesis writing.