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Sunday 1 November 2015

[Monthly Note] Jobs I Ever Had

For entire life, I spent my ages like any other people that I thought I felt different than others, in fact just like drones, I am part of human drone who may have same way of thinking, lifestyle, passion and other things that called life. I have same activities right now as sales man for IT products that I just started working in a company three months ago. Speaking of working, I recall most of my times have several times on working (having jobs) eventhough its not full time job just like right now. 

When I was kid aroun 00s, I remember I almost got a part of being a cake seller that must wander across the alley offering various cakes with other kids. If my parent didn’t caught me when I bring the big plate to bring cakes, I might have a memory as a kid who wants to get something with his own effort. But it didn’t happen at all. One thing I remember when my parent said that its embarassment for them having a kid that having work instead of studying. 

 Back when I was in boarding high school. I have been sold noodles for students while its strictly forbiddent for them to sell anything. So, it was my idea when I just found that most of students didn’t get any chance to buy noodles in boarding school mini-market that sold anything in limited times when its open. I had this kind of little work for three month in order to buy some mp3 player and also additional money before senior students have found me to do selling where later they suggested me to stop or I would be reported.

Just 5 years ago, I started my college life. I didn’t think to get any job except concentrating to study for my sophomore year because full of schedule and subjects. Later in second year, I just took a course for PC service and got generic college student job (most of Indonesian) as repair-man for broken pc or laptop. I also started my own web-blog called qorimarket where I changed two years later with, it was little job that didn’t produce more profits except I’ve spent it for buying tools as for my hobby in music and traveling (little bit).

Before I graduated, I took two serious jobs. First, as delivery man where I must take fresh fruits into outside city with sufficient wage and affordable part-time job. Second, I took a job as persian cat nanny where I need to keep “spoiled” and expensive persian cats for 4 hours in a day while I had strict times for my senior year in facing of practicing what I have been learning in English teaching. 

And now, my destiny being a sales-man eventhought everyone is actually a salesman/saleswoman. But in this field, I must offer IT products into stores and I need to achieve my target that is incredibly big to get. And morever, I am being part of human drones who start a live with a job and expecting wage to be paid but so far atleast, I don’t ask for parents money anymore yet still living with them.