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Tuesday 13 May 2014

How to Make Watermark Writing on Photos and Images in Photoscape

Writing or logos are often found on the photo or image that is usually characterized by the author as personal file or commercial purpose (eg; for sale). Giving a watermark on the image is common being made to protect the copyright in order not to be manipulated by others.

Beside that in online business, watermark is a powerful way that is used to protect the product and give the original image physical form captions of the stuff condition so that not to be re-used and misused by fraudsters who put it in their online shop.

Therefore, this time I give a simple tutorial on how to make a watermark on Photoscape software.

Actually, the same way can be applied to the built-in Windows software (with Paint), but I think Photoscape has more features than Paint because it’s suitable for beginners. For the software version, I use version 3.6.5.

The Steps : 

1.Open Photoscape > Select the "Editor" section.

2. Choose the desired image on the right panel, it will automatically displayed in the workspace, and then select a feature add text by pointing to “object” feature.

3. Fill in the desired text, for example I type in my picture file, click OK. 

Mengisikan Teks

4.Within the editing format, we can put the text object anywhere we want by dragging, other than that we can also zoom in and out automatically by double-clicking on the text object.

Mensesuaikan posisi
5. To add the other text, do the same step. 

6.When finished, click save. Do not worry, the file that is edited automatically make the original file into a folder.

Menyimpan Gambar
In the text editor, there are several features for editing text object further, you can tweak it by yourself, here is the following description of the features:

Teks Editor

Vertical: Change the font size of the object becomes vertical.
Anti-aliasing: Enable this feature so that the object looks more refined.
Opacity: The size of the image transparency, can be set from 0% to 100%.
Outline: Creating the outline of the text object.
Shadow: Creating a shadow on the text object. Both of the above kind is applied to make the text look more prominent.