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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

[File] Banjarmasin Tourism Profile on Mp3 Album

When I was strolling around in Banjarmasin local tourism to ask something, I saw a rack filled with a lot of booklet and leaflet about local tourism and history of Banjarmasin. I asked one of officer are those things for people and can be obtained for free? The officer said yes, I could get it all for free. 

The interesting part I’ve got is a Banjarese songs album in VCD that has been released by local government, when I got home, I tried to play it on my little bro’s laptop. Apparently, not only on mp3, but these contain music video too that I saw sometimes on local TV channel. The theme inside is all about Banjarmasin with Banjarese lyrics, here are the track list which consist of 9 tracks: 
  1. Kota Seribu Sungai.mp3 
  2. Raja Panting.mp3 
  3. Sasirangan.mp3 
  4. Selamat Datang.mp3 
  5.  Soto Banjar.mp3 
  6. Tarukui.mp3 
  7. Wadai Banjar.mp3 
  8. Wisata Pasar Terapung.mp3 
  9. Wisata Sungai.mp3 
Total : 45 Mb 

Because most of people who look for Banjarese songs prefer in mp3 format, I ripped the videos into high-quality compressed files. My purpose is introducing Banjarese culture through songs with archived releases music album. Inside this upload, I attached meta-data file and cover-art. 

For those who want to download it, you can grab it here for free in the following link: 

No commercial purpose in this upload, its strictly forbidden to sell it or another commercial form, If you are interested to seek another Banjarese songs, I plan to archive Banjarese song album releases based on the date if I find another vcd or anything else. Btw, support the artist by coming to their gigs or buy their merchs.. hehe., jk.

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