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Wednesday 1 January 2014

[Monthly Note] Januari Resolution

And finally we arrive at 2014 and passed 2013. In this new year's hype. I'd like to write my personal resolution, looking back last year, my last resolution was about great activities that I would do.
This year, I'd like to make realistic resolution and goals I will achieve.

1. Finishing my final thesis and then passing my college study.
2. Focusing in multimedia study.
3. Being productive in writing and digital arts.
4. Working as freelancer and managing online store.
5. Travelling around Indonesia by using bicycle (maybe the next year...)

For blogging, recently I found my Bahasa Indonesia old blog archive (around 2008-2010) which is saved somewhere in my laptop folder. I got feeling nostalgic and I I'd repost it soon with slight editing. For this English blog, I'll post it based on schedule and daily.