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Thursday 9 January 2014

Personal Review Lenovo A390 Android

It has been almost half a year I bought Lenovo A390 hp, my fifth phone after Nokia , BlackBerry , and China phone cell. The price is 1.3 million rupiah included case (130$). After looking around for best Android phone that is good for gaming and office (typing, calculating,and browsing ) with a budget around one millions in local phone stores.

 In the end I met my classmate who was working there recommending me to get Lenovo handheld because it’s "somewhat" branded . Because I do not want get complicated in choosing for a new phone , so I decided to get Lenovo A390 as replacement for my damaged Nokia C3 cause its drowning in the pool when I had free times with my classmate. 


At first glance, Lenovo A390 is similar like iPhone , it has slim body and sleek . Because I attached flip - cover case plus scratch-resistant screen, the potential to be scratched can be minimized . Sometimes I loose cover and feeling heat in the back phone when using that for gaming , but not too annoying anyway . 

Features : 

Equipped with dual-core processor + 512mb ram, this handheld is quite good enough to use for office tasks ; typing , calculating (my business expense and income). Some people said typing with the native touchscreen keyboard is comfortable, but for me it’s not too intrusive . 

In communication features , this A390 has dual-sim ready and for chatting, because I prefer Whatsapp and Blackberry only, the processor can handle it well and so not too slow. As for gaming , it is not qualified enough and not good enough to play “premium” games (laggy) unless you play mini games.

Here is my self-pic.

Do not forget the camera features with 3mpx that I think the results are mediocre, minus flashlight , so get disappointment when you take pictures in the without any enough light. 

Durability : 

As an active Internet users and also sometimes used for gaming , Lenovo A390 only lasts a few hours, at least half a day, unlike when in idle condition, it can stand all day long. So for durability, I leave to the user just because it depends on how you use it . Because of Android phone range of prices and features are constantly evolving into more cheaper , I guess just follow the latest mobile trends, but another new one. Here we can share experiences on using Lenovo A690.