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Friday 10 January 2014

[Interview] Batu_berguling; Reviving Chiptune in South Borneo

 Chiptune (8bit) is familiar and related into old-school video game culture especially for kids in late 80s. It has own  segregate fans in music scene, and Indonesia have its movement for a long time since Internet was introduced to spread between local musician and fans. As well as like big cities, South Borneo had one of the pioneer who want to introduce chiptune in this region, we will discuss with Batu_berguling; one of local artist who plays and produces chiptune in South Borneo.

Q : Hi.. Lets we go straight to the core of this interview, what do you think about Chiptune/8bit music?
A : Chiptune is a form of musical style that explore basic sound of electronic music in the making. Basically, its a part of electronic genre, not only for old-school videogame music, but you can find there are many musician who cater their musical style with basic "chip" music by combining with another instruments like toys; e.g : Speak’n’spell, Vl-Tone, and out-dated pc soundcard such Yamaha YM3812, and YMF262)

Q : What makes you interested in chiptune?
A : Generally, I love electronic music especially chiptune and another it's elements like Pixel Art, Glitch-Screen Video Animation, Video Game, Circuit Bending and also the art of performing music can be very attractive.

Artwork 1
Q : Since when you know it and how do you see it?
A : I've found this music since 2008 (or we call it "re-found") Internet took me into global chiptune web community that is not inactive, thats (later its changed to I've learnt self-taught by using Internet references. Starting to make a cover song of my favourite video game from Dragon Ball Z by using Fruity Loops. And then, I met Internet friends from Borneo, Ultraelectronis from Balikpapan (East Borneo) which was joined into community. We have learnt together and motivating ourselvess to make a plan producing our EP split album, but later its developed into making V.A album because there were many other artists interested to join our projecct.

And I started using LSDJ and Gameboy in my next EP alvum called "Fir/ST/EP.", and due its community power, my release was promoted by many friends around the world into another webs..

Pixel Art
Q : Besides of you, are there another chiptune artists from South Borneo?
A : In my early days, I didnt really know if there were another people who was interested into chiptune. After releasing "Press Start single, there was one of my friend told me that I can learn more into of his friend named Bayu (Chicken Noodle a.k.a Rugby Zombies). Fast forward, we held an street event together in Banjarbaru city park (Batu_berguling is Banjarbaru based), I gave my physical CD and its like my purpose to introduce chiptune music toward people. Subsequently, Bayu joined in one of album compilation.

On the action

We produced a compilation album from Borneo Island artist, after its released. Chiptune community has been started developing, I invited my high-school friends to participate during the compilation. 

Not like South Borneo cities, East Borneo; in this case Balikpapan city has prominent movement. In 2010, I was invited to perform live in a event called  1Story Helloween Party which was held indiependently. I hope this kind of gigs will be exist in South Borneo. I can see in South Borneo Audio Workstation Society (SBAWS); a new net-label and electronic music producer enthusiast.

Q : Could you tell us what were your works?
A : I've produced 8 album (Press Start, Fir/ST/EP, Twenty Four Hours Chiptune Challenge, Borneo, SinglePlayer, PALS, Ten A LP, SBAWS Vol.I) aan another release (Caleidoskope, Placebo 8-bit Album, Best of 8 Bit Collective).  

Q : Who are musician that inspire you?
A : I love every kind of music, but my passion is Rock"n"Roll and Electronic. (Guess, my name is actually is taken from Rock"n"Roll band ; Rolling Stones. My favorite musician are mostly French artists, I love their sounds.

Q : What do you think of Chiptune music producing?
A : To be honest, I am not really master in playing instruments, when I compose a track, I rely on mood and indivual motivation with references. I always produce at night in bed-room and bakcyard.

Q : Gears?
A : The fiirst main thing is DAW, I use FL Studio on PC and LSDJ on Gamebay, I also use another instrument as supporting on my workflow like MicroKorg and Kaosspad III, toys are included like VL-Tone.

Q : What do you think about the new generation who dont know about this kind of music?
A : I think Chiptune is pervasive for those who like playing video games, and I feel that everyone who dont like video game though may be like it because in the progress, chiptune can be formed into another of music genre.
Wallpaper Artwork
Q : Is live-performance is same as DJing?
A : Generally, live-performing is basically same, including in DJing. In live-performance, there are three acts such, Play, Live Mixing, and Live-Sets.

Q : What do you think about Indonesian electronic music scene?
A : Chiptune scene in Indonesia is amazing, try to Google it, its on the first place.Indonesia scene have organized communities and biggest event called "Pesta Mikro" that invites foreign-chiptuners. Many of Indonesian chiptuners alsho perform and collaborate in many albm split and compilation.

But for general electronic music  here is significantly good eventhough its just for a short time. We can say some names like  Anggerdimas, Goodnight Electric, Bottlesmoker are widely known around the electronic music scene.

Q : Your is favourite video game music?
A :  My favourite BGM  is Sonic the Hedgehoc theme from SEGA Mega Drive

Q : What are you favourite games?
The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo), River City Ransom (NES), Sonic the Hedgehoc Adventure (Megadrive), Dragon Ball (NDS), Marvel Alliance Heroes  dan X-Men II, Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA (PC), Brain Age, Game Dev Story (Android dan IOS)

Q : If you can produce a video game, what kind of game that you will make?
Interesting question, maybe I am gonna make an Action-Adventure game.

Q : Last, what are you future plans?
A : I am trying to remaster my music works.

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1. Press Start VA 
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