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Monday, 14 January 2013

[File] Cross Cultural Understanding Slideshow Material

I passed Cross Cultural Understanding class this fifth semester, in the class we learnt a lot of different cultures of thirteen countries by slideshow. We had separated by each group and must present it in the front of the class.Each groups created their own slideshow of the country they presented and shared the slideshow files with another groups. 

I uploaded all the files into a single file, if you are looking for the material, feel free to download it, here are 13 countries that you can get:

- America
- English (Britain)
- Australia
- Brazil
- France
- Germany
- India
- Japan
- Mexico
- Netherland
- Russia
- South Africa
- Spain

All the credits belong to my class-mate :) , feel free to share and re-use it. Some materials are neat and well-arranged and the rest need to fixed little bit in designing.


Link Download:


  1. Hmm ... etnografi kah ini qor?

    1. Apaan tu etnografi..
      isinya cuma file presentasi aja kok,.

  2. Wah....nice info gan!
    Bagus tuh...kreatif!

    1. apaan sih gan, gak jelas komentarnya ;p


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