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Tuesday 1 January 2013

[Monthly Note] 6 Things I did in 2012

This year seem to be my starter in learning and improving my self. I made projects and learnt a lot of new knowledge. Besides improving my skill, i reached enough goal for this year. Thanks God and people, i want to share it here before we leave 2012. So, these 12 things i did in 2012.

1. Being Blog writer and make it better.

Yes, this blog with .com domain, i have another blog in Bahasa Indonesia ( and one Blogger community ( My achievment in writing skill; especially in English is not satisfying yet. At least i could update it regularly. Thought sharing is my passion. 

2. Sell stuff online

Despite it doesn't make big profit. I am successful for selling stuff online, i just sell tea and collect more money besides from my parent, shame on me.. i am still counting my parent money, and my business couldn't make me more independence. Look my store at

3. Average GPA 

I know that my major is my thing, just got average GPA this year because not too much learn intensively on college books, moreover i practice my English on my life through direct learning, but i am still suck at English theory. My Gpa is 3.0

4. Finish Learning Video Project

Finally, after two years passed. My project in teaching Bahasa Indonesia on Youtube is over now,  i don't want to continue it anymore due lack of ideas and i am kind of busy with my interests. Thanks to Kana Foutch for the main idea why i did start to show my self on Youtube. Anyway, i just got less than 100 subsribers after two years. Look for my channel :

5. Launch two album

Both aren't album at all, those are just music compilation i made through this year, experimenting with digital audio workstation softwares and i am still learning how to use keyboard instrument properly, but i really enjoyed to have fun with music especially electronic music.Listen my sound works here :

6. Travelling half of Indonesia

When i was in college vacation for almost two months, i took my guts to travel around Indonesia with "get-lost" style and then, unpredictable things happened to me when i was in travelling, from Sulawesi, Bali, to Jakarata for more than one month, i got unforgettable memories especially when i was in Toraja, met Laurie, my exchange language partner who paid for me to enjoy her times in wandering Toraja land and had discussed interesting topics like a family. And the rest, maybe i am gonna tell you next year.

So, those are my things i did, what is yours?