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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

[Project] Indonesian Lesson Series on Youtube

Hello , there.. thank you for reading this simple post. I know this month i am not always update my blog post. Its not because i am stop blogging, but i have many projects and other problem that makes me dont update my blogs anymore.

One of my project that i finished recently is Indonesian Video Lesson Series on youtube. Yeah, finally i made ten videos. So, i think these videos is for season one. I dont know, Am i continuing this project soon? I hope it so.

This is a little bit of my experience when making the videos. I use my laptop webcam for recording, so that you may see the videos were not good enough to watch. After self-recording during one hours (can you imagine)? I always make goofs when recording and i repeated same scenes that spending more one hours for getting best result.

After recording, there is editing session. I edit my videos always spending more one hours too. Though this is so hard, but i enjoyed it.

The last, these are 10 videos about basic Indonesian learning. I need more suggestion, review, critic and other thing that make me to be more enthusiastic in making videos. See you...

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