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Monday 9 January 2012

[Thought] The Bus of Life

When we travel by bus as transportation, have you wondered about life through the window? And have you wondered how we can see our mind could going into any different places by memorizing everything we did? That’s what I said about the bus of life.

The bus have one point of destination, but the passengers have different purposes on the destination, anything that they do on the trip could describe how they spend their time inside whether do they enjoy it or not.

The bus could run in the different kind of road and we could see how the passengers would react. Good, crooked, and bad road that people couldn’t avoid. Thus, life is like a bus when I think about that in a bus while staring outside through the window. We can see our life reflection and if we change our point of view from the sky, we can see how we are the one of this life passengers.