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Sunday, 1 January 2012

[Monthly Note] Things I've Done in 2011

In 2011, we've passed this year with many experiences that we've got. So, i am. This year, i've done many projects, at least i have three projects that i've concerned. What are those? So, this is the list.

- Being Blogger and still writing.
Yeah, i am still writing. I have some blogs that made me must to write. I write everything that i like. Not only in Indonesian, but in English too, although i know my writing was same and boring and short ;). But, i am glad with that.

- Being Photographer
I know that photography is like a scene now for teenagers, but this activity was my favorite and my dream in several years ago. I like to take photos, but not about myself, i like to be a photo journalist, but i dont have expensive and high-end camera. So, i decide to using phone camera, and then, i upload it into internet.

- Being Youtuber and have my own channel.
This is the most of my  favourite projects. I dont know, sometimes i've got desperating for making best videos with my plain face, but sometimes, i've enjoyed this thing. I know there are many flaws that i made. But, i'll try my best. And i dont forget to say thanks to my Native American friend, Kana. Because of her, i am still continuing this project. And it started because my promise to her for making Indonesian videos.

- Being a Musician, wait... what, musician?

I like to listening music, and i like to know more about music, so i've decided to learn about music, especially in digital music. Starting to play keyboard*i am using controller and looking for many tutorials on youtube and google. So, finally, i've made some songs and beats and then uploaded it all into internet.

- Whats else?

I dont know... I think, i just 20 years old single boy, still watching movies, playing old-games, and have a normal life.

P.s: I must make my dreams come true. Being wanderer or explorer or backpacker or whatever! :D


  1. Qori... wonderful things to do!! Please keep up your good work and thank you for your Indonesian language videos!!!!
    (David LovesBerryz Kobo)

  2. @Kenji:

    yeah, i'll keep my spirit, my friend. I have many goals. How about u?


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