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Saturday 7 January 2012

[Thought] My Goals and Interests with English.

Many of beginner English students have their own purposes why do they learn English. There are many reasons which divided into sections like this list:
- English is the one of obligation to fulfill requirements of work and education.
- English is the most popular languange in many aspects, especially in popular culture and globalization effect.
- English could make someone looks capable in wide association.
- Etc.

So, what about me?
I learn English because this languange is very worth for someone who want to learn other things that using English as the main languange. Beside of that, English is most fastest languange to spread among the developing countries, so it will facilitate for me to contact other peoples with English.

And because my major college is English education, so i must concentrate my study in developing English skills only.

My goals with English maybe looks like on the list, but i have another reasons why do i learn English.
One of them is knowing more peoples around the world and contacting to get many informations about their country, because i have one dream if someday i would go to their country backpacking.

There are many countries that i want to visit; one of them is British land, i know this is English languange came from, and i am also  interested with British accent because it heard more unique. I admire everything that related with their cultures and subcultures. And another reason why do i choose British Land first, because i want to wander Europe continent, so the countries are near each other ;)

Ok, what about with my Interest with English. I am interested with digital production such producing digital musics and videos, there are very little tutorials that using Indonesian, so English is the key of my interest. And both of my interest would be worth for my skill experience that i can show up.

Sometimes, the way i learn is from Youtube videos and asking the creator if i don't understand. Finally, that's it. I think there are more explanations that i'll write in another task ;)
  • My music works: *I hope you like it. Electronica is my music genre.
  • My video works: Youtube/user/qoreader