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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Review : Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter - Is Not that Serious

First person genre which makes PC gamers as the pinnacle of its niche and designed to play on the platform, there are some historical and iconic FPS game franchises from the dawn of gaming such as Doom that gave the influences of modern FPS gaming today. And there is Serious Sam that spawned in the early 2000s and is regarded as the best fps game of its time. We can thank the effort of the game developer for bringing the game into a new generation with the latest technology such as tweaking and remastering the game so it can be playable today. 

So Serious Sam The First Encounter HD is my next pick for digging some “old but gold” PC games that need to look up to, the result is not far disappointing. Its extremely fun and hard in same time where the game play is not so complex to comprehend since you are literally is being placed in an area where you can shoot hordes of freak mutant alien in order to hunt some artifacts in the desert of Egypt which the levels consist of vast yard of Pyramid and inside ancient building. 

The game has a humble start where the player is given a simple handgun and the job is simple, go run forward when a bunch of enemies from any sides attack you and don’t give you a space to breath. Its fast paced shooter and there is no mercy, never make enemy close to you or the will f** you up to death. Its long journey of level design with a simplistic route and puzzle to figure. More weapons will be added in the next level and the more players progress, they need to think not to waste the bullets and use specific guns to crush any enemy. 

Despite the fact this game is remastered version, the visual is pretty pleasing with graphic of the environment with ancient Egypt as the only setting, it's like visiting the virtual reality world of Egypt and having a tour there, it has a blend of old 3d model with new hyper-realistic background. You can find the audio design is dated but not making the game less fun. Don’t expect any serious dialogue here instead campy voice acting or head-aching plot to grasp. 

This game is something I agree when it's regarded for the best fps game of its time when the time was about just go and wield your gun and find a way to complete the level either you have challenge your strategic agility shooting skill or just my luck find you whenever you try to escape enemy and go to end level, also saving games constantly is obligatory. 

Rating : 8/10
Difficulty : Normal 
Finished : 27/03/20 
Written : 07/04/20