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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Spotify Sucks

This is not my salty feeling toward Spotify in delisting my personal album which I released one year ago through third-party publisher due lack of earning streaming and my income to renew my music on official stores and streaming services such Spotify. So It has nothing to do as a producer,  but more than as Internet music hoarder and digital file collector.

There was a time when I really like digging new music through downloading many album on Mp3boo. A curated International album music for various genre for people who like downloading "free" music. And yes, album I downloaded are pirated version for Internet communism like me. The usage of in early 00s was often to use as getting recommendation and exchanging taste of new musical spectrum toward each other of members. 

Obviously back then Spotify were not available on my country so the idea to bring digital files into my phone was the way of enjoying music. After downloading and tagging the album without worrying of data usage of scrambled songs if you are free member of Spotify. What am I? Too poor to pay? Yes I was. And moreover, there was iTunes already that actually can be used to "buy" music for me. But the idea of paying digital files didn't get me, and I rather collect physical release even though it was so pricy and I could get one each month.

 Instead paying for subscription which I did. I feel there is something "threatening" to use Spotify toward my digital playlist for my library curation. Some tracks and albums I saved are expired and gone. Of course these songs aren't well known and sometime obscure artist who put their album for short period time because the licensing usage of contract with third party publisher is not cheap. And surely, there are successful artist who manage their album who can pays the annual contract and also there are popular artists that has sustainable fan base and thing like replay value.

What really make Spotify sucks, I guess if you want to support your favourite musician, you just start playing your favourite song one thousan times in order they can get paid and that doesn't suck at all. Instead complaining the way people can access music easily while supporting the artist. My point is the way arranging, organising, and curating your own personal music play list that you can access anytime by having "physical" digital file on your storage. Either you rip it through your CD album that you bought or just sharing on any music enthusiast forum you like. 

Anyway, I am not an expert in music culture or too snob knowing the differences of under-rated music scene, but seeing your collection is still there (on Internet) and not removed anytime, it just what the point of having digital file or share exchange. I don't care if it hurts the artist, because Streaming is still being there, also there are always many ways to support them. 

14 September 2018